Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Run

I decided to celebrate my birthday yesterday by dragging myself out of bed at 6am to run 9 miles in the muggy mess. Happy birthday to me :)

But, it actually turned out to be a fantastic present when I realized I had run my fastest non-race average pace of the year! In my heat stroke haze I'd accidentally hit the 'lap' button instead of 'stop' on my Garmin when I finished, so I had to find  my pace online. Since I couldn't see what the total seconds were, I know my average pace was between 7:27-7:34. Maybe legs are like wine and just getting better with age! Hehe.

This is the week the gym is closed so I planned on having the Turtle show me how to get to the other gym when he got up. That gave me a lot of time on my hands to be stinky and sweaty while I waited to get stinkier and sweatier. Since he forbids me from sitting on our furniture after I run (he has this crazy idea that our furniture will absorb my sweat and Eau de Stink. Madness! ;-) ), I banished myself to our back patio while I running-high dialed the rest of my family to share (pester) my good mood.

Don't want to lose my runner's tan!
Once the Turtle got up and we hit the road, getting to the other gym became quite an adventure. We got hit by the storms pretty hard on Friday. It seemed every turn we made, we came face to face with orange cones closing off the road or an entire tree laying across the street.

It murdered our tree
Luckily, we finally found a way on base and I was pleased to see they had all the weight machines I use.....and 1 or 2 different ones I just had to try since no one was around.

This machine...not my favorite
The rest of the birthday was pretty relaxing, and later that evening, we had a nice dinner of sushi (me) and Philly Cheese-steak pizza (Shudder. That was all the Turtle's) while we watched the Olympic Trials. I swear, when the Olympics are on I just get sucked in, I don't care what sport is on!

And the best part of all? After dropping a few subtle hints (ridiculously obvious all CAPS emails), the Turtle, his sister and my family all went in and got me an iPad! Now, my family and I can message our catty comments to eachother while we watch the Bachelorette on Monday nights! YES!!!

I wish.......

Holy crap!!!

Going to run Tuesday and Thursday this week so I can sleep in and enjoy my 4th of July!

 Happy Fourth everyone!


  1. Awesome score on the run and the Ipad! Hope the fire dept was on standby for that amount of candles!

  2. speedy mcspeedster run!! nice work girl, I'm impressed.

    and I'm pretty jealous that you got an iPad, I've had my eye on one for a while...might just have to make the leap.

    1. If you get the WiFi only, its a bit cheaper :)

  3. I found your blog while searching for info on the Disney 1/2 - I am hopefully going to be doing the Jan 2013 one! Just read through your entries. Can't wait to read more, and now I know to avoid the sharpie on a shirt approach to my costume. ;)

    1. You HAVE to do the Disney! It is the best, most magical running experience you'll ever have. I promise!