Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Me mind on fire,  Me soul on fire, Feeling hot hot hot!

Like everyone else in the country, we were cooking last weekend! With temperatures well over what’s acceptable for faeries and reptiles, we decided to leave our AC behind and head to the Pennsylvania Oven – my family’s trailer, our summer getaway spot.  

First, we stopped in Cleveland on Friday night to break up the 5 hour drive. We stayed at the Turtle’s parent’s house, crashing on mattresses in the dining room because even the bugs were evacuating the heat from the 2nd floor.  Since the Turtle’s parents were in Greece, the AC had been turned off and it was quite toasty inside.
But that didn’t stop me from wrapping up in my hoodie and a fuzzy blanket when a mosquito the size of a hummingbird landed on my leg while I was on the couch!

Now, I’m not a wussy scaredy cat of bugs (I’ve swallowed my fair share of flies on summer runs), BUT out of principal, I refused to become an all-you-can-eat buffet just because that little opportunist snuck in the house. So, I covered up all my bare skin and waited.

I'll get you, my pretty!

and waited……
and the Turtle gawked at me in disbelief as he wiped his dripping brow even though he wasn't dressed for a blizzard.
30 minutes later... WHAP! Mwahahahaha! Annnnnnnd, off came my Siberian layers!
Saturday, our hopes of Pennsylvania being any cooler were completely dashed when my mom called to say the trailer was in the triple digits when she got inside. We spent the day freezing wet washcloths and wearing icepacks around our necks. But, it was so nice to be up at the trailer and spending time with my family.
Hillbilly AC

At our favorite, The Pizza Shop

Speaking of hot, the gym reopened this week and it is now even hotter in there. Their brilliant plan of installing giant fans, turned out to be 2 jumbo ceiling fans that blow the hot air down, onto the weight room floor. Is this what my leftovers feel like in the microwave?
Not the brightest of ideas

I’ve been making very slow progress on a painting of my coworker’s house. This happens to me every summer. I just can’t get motivated to paint when I’d rather be outside! Complaints about the heat aside, I actually really hate AC if I’m not working out or sleeping. I’d rather sweat it out during the day if it means being able to have the windows open and hear the sounds of nature outside! I hate being shut up in a house during the summer…it feels no different from January like that (especially with the temps the Turtle likes to keep the house at..Brrrrr!) But, with the current cold spell (90 degrees, it’s practically fall!), I should hopefully get this done soon and have something new to show to you!


  1. I agree, summer seems so wasted when we're holed up in AC. It was blazing hot though. First IL case of West Nile mosquitoes were found very near here, boo!

  2. Yesterday it was "only" 88 and not very humid so I ran outside...just couldn't face the treadmill. Sometimes I wear a soaked rag around my neck - would that help at the gym? Fans aren't really going to cut it!

    1. The treadmill can be sooo boring! Good idea with the rag, I've never thought to try that while running. I just do a few weight machines at the gym so I usually just tough it out. When I ride the bike at the gym, I bring my own fan to blast my face with!