Tuesday, December 13, 2011

336 Left Turns & 1 Bloody Sock

I had the most kick-ass run last night! And I had had to work a full 8 hour day to boot (I know, boo hoo, just like everyone else)! I shouldn't have been too surprised since I tend to have my best runs when I'm exhausted and bleary-eyed at the start. And the French Vanilla and Gingerbread flavor marshmallows I fueled up on before I left work probably helped too (I will never be able to eat regular marshmallows again).

Absolutely sinful

I felt absolutely amazing and whipped around the track like I was in a roller derby. One wee bitty hiccup though - my left shoe has always rubbed the outside of my ankle a little. Since the track direction last night was counter-clockwise, that meant 336 tight left turns to make my shoe dig into my ankle more (yes I counted, that's 81 laps for 9 miles, and 3 extra in case I miscounted). After 3 miles, I stopped to yank up my sock to try to pad it a little, but the damage had already been done. It didn't bother me on the straightaways, so I guess I'll just stick to wearing a bandaid on counter-clockwise track days for cushion. It did add some color to my new running socks, so it was worth the pain!

In painting news, I started working on a few beach pieces for the world's coolest dentist, Dr. Jim Cuglewski. Want to know how cool my dentist is? First, he took the Turtle and I out to dinner on our honeymoon in Maui because he and his wife happened to be vacationing there at the same time. And second, because he's going to hang one of my paintings with my business card up in his office for all to see! Wahoo! You just don't get cooler than that!

I got over my fear of painting water and clouds and just decided to embrace my style for what it is, take it or leave it. So here is one of the potential pieces for Dr. Jim. But I'm halfway through another one that I hope to finish tonight that I think will look much better.

"Hawaiian Beach" 11 x 17 Acrylic, framed and ready to go!


  1. Tink, your painting is a beauty! I can just imagine myself sitting there on that beach.....sounds great right about now.

    And OUCH about your ankle...I hope it heals up asap. Yeah, I'd prob just stick a band aid on that next time to keep it from rubbing and I'm sure it'll be OK in no time.

    9 miles on a track, you crazy, girl!!

  2. Ouchie! Glad you enjoyed the workout though.
    My kids are begging for those marshmallows. Nothing good will come from me bringing them in this house. Good running fuel though huh? Hmmm...