Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

I hope Santa was as good to all of you as he was to me this year! He was a little too generous to me this year...Not only did I get all kinds of fun running gear and sparkly baubles, I also got a cold! (Really Turtle, you shouldn't have)

So cool!

Despite all of my efforts to avoid his cold, I was defeated. Driving up to Cleveland with the sick Turtle and his sister on the 23rd, I rolled down the windows in 15 min intervals to get fresh air in, I didn't touch my face, I even stopped at a WalMart (on the 23rd!!!) to pickup Airborne to put in my waterbottle. And then, after safely sending the Turtle off to his parents for a weekend quaratined away from me...I started to feel that tell-tale tickle in the back of my throat. Drat!

But have no fear, I didn't let a little sniffle stop me from running! I proudly dripped my snot onto the Rec's track for my Christmas Eve and Day After Christmas runs. And I'm happy to say I am almost back to normal, just a sneeze here and there.

Oh yes, and I performed another successful surgery on my running shoe. I should reconsider careers. Or I should just start designing my own shoes. Ran 9 on them already and no rubbing! Take that Mizuno!

I'm getting really good at this

Other than that, it was a really nice weekend...

RockBand Marathon

Teddy reading the Hunger Games over my shoulder

I gave my brother and his wife the painting I'd been working on for them...

My niece inspects

A better view of the painting. 24" x 36"

And I finally got one of those lovely blue boxes......

Thank you Santa Turtle

9 Days til the Half Marathon! YAY!!!!!!


  1. Ooh pretty! Is that rose gold? Are you guys still sick? (backs away with Lysol)

  2. We're fine now..just a little cough now and then, but I think we're pretty safe for you guys this weekend. Really.

    It's actually silver, I just used my fun little effects to take the pic...but I need to exchange chains for it...up for a trip to Tiffany's? :)

  3. I couldn't tell if it was the photo or actually rose gold. Either way it's gorgeous :) You know I am always up for trip to Tiffanys!