Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letter to the Men Who Won't Let Me Pass

Dear Men Who Won't Let Me Pass,

Why is it so hard to let me pass you?! I mean really, is it that much of an ego killer for me to run past you? Wouldn't it be so much easier to just let me pass, as I inevitably will, instead of engaging in this awkward sprint-slow down-sprint-slow down rinse & repeat that you put yourself thru to stay in the lead? I'm going to pass you eventually, so why don't you let me do it with your head held high, instead of the exhausted, wheezing, chest-heaving mess I end up passing when you can't keep up the charade any longer?

I've been running since before you got on this track, and I'll still be running when you've given up in defeat. I don't appreciate getting stuck running in the passing lane next to you while you play this yo-yo speed game. We look like a bunch of 17 yr olds revving our souped up Hondas at a red light. And you haven't seen 17 in 30 years. So why don't we just make this a lot easier on the both of us, and just face it. I'm faster than you.

On Your Left
Just let me pass you, that guy did

Ok, all sarcasm aside, I've had 2 awesome 9 milers so far this week. Who knew I would come to a point where I actually enjoy running on the indoor track over the outdoors? Oh, that's right, because I live in a city with no sidewalks, unleashed dogs, and maniac drivers. Even though I'm not running with a buddy, just being around other runners on the track makes me feel like I'm with friends...unless they won't let me pass them, that is. Running outside here is just really, really lonely. Even though I'd run alone on the Towpath back home a lot, there were still the "regulars" I could count on waving to, plus an occasional deer, snake and blue heron.

And in other exciting news, I just printed off the Waiver Forms for hubby and I to get our Disney Half Marathon Bib Numbers and Goodies. I am seriously so excited! And, after a little snafu yesterday when I discovered Continental completely changed our flights to Orlando (ok, I was having a panic attack..who can make a 40 minute layover in January with de-icing planes!), we are now flying to Cleveland for a connection...which just happens to be on the same flight that all of our friends from home will be on...and we just happen to be sitting right in front of them! As Morgan said, "I pity the people sitting around us."


  1. That's so funny - I hate it when people won't let me pass! And if I'm going to get passed, I just let it go - whatever, lots of people are faster than me.

    So fun to do the Disney half!

  2. Aaack you are going to kill the Disney half!
    You look so hot in that running photo. And YES it is probably a pride issue. Typical men.