Thursday, December 1, 2011

So Inappropriate

Runner, painter, blogger and now I can add 'vixen' to my list of titles. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but yesterday some crotchety old women at the gym were muttering their displeasure of my "inappropriate" attire. At least, that's what my buddy who works at the gym told me, as he laughed hysterically. He overheard them griping to each other and just had to tell me.

"Some people just be hatin' ", he wheezed through his doubled-over laughter. See, this is why you make friends with the people who work at the gym, so they have your back when decrepit old bitties are on the attack (For the record, he and his coworker find nothing wrong with my gym clothes). This is what I get for holding the locker room door open for them.


And anyway, I wouldn't dress so inappropriately if the gym wasn't so crazy hot! The base gym is in an old airplane hanger, which is like working out in a tin can. There's no AC and the sun heats it up like a baked potato. Its not uncommon to see the thermostat in the gym get to 95 in the summer, and that's on the first floor! So if those women would prefer to slip and  break their newly replaced  hips on my puddles of sweat, I suggest they settle down about my sleeveless shits :-)

Anyway, I ran a fabulous 9 miles inside yesterday, leaving a nice little trail of dirt clumps in my wake. I just couldn't seem to smack off all the mud I'd accumulated from my trail run at home on Saturday.

Thankful for friends to ruin new running shoes with!

On Black Friday, I was the only one in line for the door opening of Michael's (shocking I know!). And with my bleary-eyed mother in tow (the complimentary Godiva bars being given out perked her right up), I cleared out the canvas aisle and hit a few more stores since we were out (who can say no to discounted Kermit pajama pants!?)

Where is everyone?!

I'm working on a painting of Animal playing the drums for a friend, and then I have a long-overdue housewarming gift for my brother & sister in-law to paint. Oh yeah, and the Disney World Half Marathon  is only 37 days away! Yippee!


  1. I would die in a gym that gets up to 95 degrees. I'd prob have to work out naked in order to tolerate that and we all know that's not going to happen!

    Those ol' ladies are probably just jealous.

  2. so scandalous you are! You're doing those old bitties a service - giving them something to talk and "tsk tsk" about...I don't know how you run 9 miles on the treadmill - I would die...nice work on the trail run!